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Whatsapp leite

whatsapp leite

4 Dec Brazilian mayor who ran town via WhatsApp jailed for stealing $m from poor. By Natalie Lidiane Leite has been jailed for embezzlement. 31 Aug Authorities there say Lidiane Leite ran the town for three years via the mobile app WhatsApp—while living a luxurious life in a different town. 7 Jan Lidiane Leite bragged about how much money she had on Known as the WhatsApp mayor, she became an emblem of Brazilian corruption.


Whatsapp,leite condenado,caca cola,feijão torpedo Veja: 4 Dec Lidiane Leite lived life of luxury after stealing millions from one of the A Brazilian mayor who reigned over her town through WhatsApp. 1 Sep Brazilian mayor Lidiane Leite accused of embezzlement she was accused of corruption and remotely running her town through WhatsApp. Leite enraged local residents by posting pictures of herself at nightclubs and parties in Sao Luis and is said to have sent messages to her Cabinet via WhatsApp.

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